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Image by Janosch Lino

The Boat, Emily Cleary, and Why I Love Sadie Valeen, Blood Orange Review

October 2023

Cathedral Stained Glass

I Am the Lord Your God, and I Want You to Know that I Invented Boners, McSweeney's

September 2023


This Summer, I'm Totally Gonna Bang Emily Dickinson, McSweeney's

July 2023

Image by slyfox photography

Rats: A Love Story, New Delta Review

June 2023

Bird Cage

The Cage Lies Open, Moss Puppy

May 2023

Image by Kristina Flour

The Words, Spank the Carp

August 2020

Image by Nathan Wright

Your College Boyfriend Is Back From the Dead, Dear Damsels

October 2019

Image by Isabel Galvez

The Octopus, no. 2 magazine

July 2019

Image by wenping wang

Egg, Inkubator Lab

February 2019

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